There are 19 mathematicians whose last name begin with FORR.

Forré, Patrick Universität Regensburg 2011
Forrer, Hans ETH Zürich 1997
Forrer, J.
Forrest, Alan The Ohio State University 1990
Forrest, Bradley Cornell University 2009
Forrest, Brian University of Alberta 1987
Forrest, Peter Harvard University 1972
Forrest, Stephanie University of Michigan 1985
Forrest, William University of California, San Diego 1974
Forrester, David Australian National University 1990
Forrester, Herbert
Forrester, Jay Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1945
Forrester, Jeffrey State University of New York at Binghamton 2001
Forrester, Kellie University of California, Santa Barbara 2014
Forrester, Nathan Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1982
Forrester, Peter Australian National University 1985
Forrester, Richard Clemson University 2002
Forrester-Barker, Magnus University of Wales, Bangor 2004
Forrest Iii, William University of California, Berkeley 1998