There are 14 mathematicians whose last name begin with SUI.

Sui, Lei University of Washington 2000
Sui, Liying University of California, San Diego 2006
Sui, Yihan The Ohio State University 2018
Sui, Yong University of Pittsburgh 2007
Sui, Zhenan The Ohio State University 2015
Sui, Zhiqiang University of Michigan 2020
Sui, Zhitao The University of Oklahoma 2003
Suich, Ronald Case Western Reserve University 1969
Suidan, Toufic Princeton University 2001
Suiker, Akke Technische Universiteit Delft 2002
Suissa, Samy University of Florida 1982
Suits, Daniel University of Michigan 1949
Suitt, Clifton University of Arizona 1971
Suizu, Kaoru Shimane University 2007