There are 24 mathematicians whose last name begin with UND.

Undercoffer, Jeffrey University of Maryland Baltimore County 2004
Underhill, Anne The University of Chicago 1948
Underhill, Anthony The University of Chicago 1906
Underhill, Brandon University of Florida 1996
Underhill, Leslie University of Cape Town 1973
Underhill, William University of Texas at Austin 1972
Underwood, Alice Princeton University 1993
Underwood, Anthony Colorado State University 2013
Underwood, David Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1999
Underwood, Douglas University of Wisconsin-Madison 1968
Underwood, Heather University of Colorado at Boulder 2013
Underwood, Jacqueline University of Tennessee - Knoxville 1962
Underwood, John Rice University 1972
Underwood, John University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 1976
Underwood, Judith Cornell University 1994
Underwood, Keith Clemson University 2002
Underwood, Michael Purdue University 1971
Underwood, Nicolas 2019
Underwood, Ralph The University of Chicago 1930
Underwood, Richard Stanford University 1975
Underwood, Robert State University of New York at Albany 1992
Underwood, Robert University of Virginia 1974
Underwood, Steven University of Alabama-Birmingham 1995
Undrakh, Batzorig University of Newcastle upon Tyne 2018